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Percolore can offers rentals for Automatic Dispensers including full maintenance nationwide.
With this business model, você garante uma excelente relação custo/benefício, as well as working with top quality equipment, has coverage of preventive maintenance and technical assistance already included!
É uma forma de pagar pelo resultado que a máquina pode oferecer, e não necessariamente pelo valor de aquisição da máquina.

São planos personalizados e adequados a expectativa de cada cliente!


  • State-of-the-art equipment;
  • Low to none investment;
  • Zero cost in maintenance and replacement parts;
  • Expert technical assistance whenever you need;

We are prepared to assist you in your project, beyond paint dispensers!

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Our equipments are produced locally and, so, we are approved to offer them in the most accessible and attractive credit lines on the market, as BNDES, PROGER e FINAME,em parcelas fixas de até 48 months.
We have always found a way of doing business that fits our partners and customers needs.

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Percolore has a department dedicated to the evaluation, development and execution of special projects.

We are constantly seeking innovative solutions for higher productivity at a lower cost. Our job is to anticipate the needs of the most paint manufacturers and tinting system users.

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